That Smell Reminds Me of … Comfort

Last night I was hugging my dog.  2012-5-4-DaliatPlay (11)RszdClr_Painting3She’s a delightful little bundle.  I keep her clean but  she smells like a dog.  Last night I was breathing in her boggy odour and Christmas came to mind.  That thought has been plaguing me and today I grabbed her and took another deep breath.  Today I got deep comfort.  So the childhood memories that are attached to that fragrance are all wrapped up in the dog smell.  Dogs have been at my side [cats too] all my life and have given me lots of comfort.

I have a very keen sense of smell – a family gift.  When I travel or am somewhere special I always test the air and enjoy it like a fine wine, even if it is Paris fumes.  These smells enrich images of places.  Apparently smell brings back memories and I have to say it does for me.  Memories come with smell attached.  I can’t  think of the horse I had as a young person and not remember hugging her neck and breathing in her lovely scent.  I remember hay rides, the grass and ocean smells of the West Coast, damp dark starry nights, snow in the air, the earthiness of spring and the acrid smell of fall leaves.   Of course I try to remember the odours that are good ones.  I try not to think on smells that I am repulsed by – like hyacinths.


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