City and Country Walks

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I love to walk.  That’s why I got a dog 2 years ago – for a walking companion.  It may sound kind of radical but she is a great motivator.  Yes I need motivation sometimes.

I live in the city, mostly.  Luckily we have many green spaces in my area and that is why I am still living in the same area for so long.  Unfortunately you can’t take a dog everywhere.  I can take her to the library, the pharmacy, the bank and to the park.  I wish I could take her shopping.  I bet Paris Hilton gets to take her Chihuahua anywhere she wants!

In the country, at my parent’s farm,  my dog is extra happy.  She has a friend there and she can go around ‘naked’.  I see some dogs that like to wear a collar, scarf or sweaters ~ not my dog.   We have laws in the city that require her to be on a leash at all times.  naturally I am a rebel and let her off the leash to race after her ball – usually at the baseball diamond as she loves the dusty red grit on the ground.  She loves to swim in the creek as well.

Dali with her pal Adam

Having a buddy at the farm is a plus for Dali.  In the city she has a few favourites in the dogs we meet.  Recently she has fallen in love with a beautiful big Alsatian type dog, named Rusty.  Rusty is very tall and is red all over except for his black muzzle.   Dali throws herself at him and wiggles and dances all around him.  He is very gentle and loves to play.  Unfortunately he is leashed.  Dali loves my mother’s collie as well and plays with him in the same manner.  Strangely she rarely likes other small dogs even if they too are Chihuahuas.

Meeting a friend in the park

Now that winter is long past, Dali and I are out every day.  We are both getting fit and trim.  I had to put her on a diet.  I’ve never had a small dog before and I just kept offering largish meals and she is happy to eat them.  Having her on a diet has made me cut back too.  I can’t be snacking around her and not feel guilty – she makes sure I am.