Squash – Yummy for your dog

Butternut Squash Prep

I haven’t had a dog for a long time.  I remember our dog Pete would eat anything scrapped into his bowl – he had to share that bowl one summer with a Mallard.  That duck was fearless and loved dog food.  They go for protein every time.  My Dob Sarah would even try to eat grapes if you were.   She stole a whole block of Cheddar cheese off the table once.  Dogs are clean-up pets.

When I got my chihuahua I read everything I could about diet and joined a few Chi boards too.  Raw diets are very popular.  I’ve always offered fresh raw meat to my pets.  But I haven’t moved to this diet primarily because I’m lazy and I also take my chihuahua almost everywhere.  I have a small bag of kibble and dry meat in my purse!  At the Vets  I was told she is fat – had no waist.  So over the past few weeks she had been given less human treats and more of these natural treats.  Dali is looking much trimmer.

Dali enjoying some cooked Acorn squash seeds

In the fall especially I get into squash.  I mainly stick to Butternut or Acorn squash as they are what I grew up with and I have a real craving for them.  I read that you can give the seeds to your dog as a treat.  I love the roasted seeds as well so my dog and I often snuggle and munch together or snack on them when I’m cooking.

I have a love-hate relationship with Butternut squash as it stains my hands.  Normally I skin it, gut it and chop it into a steamer.  Rinsing your hands often can help with the bright orange and tight skin on your hands.

Seeding the Butternut Squash

Today I halved it like I do the Acorn squash and am roasting it in a bowl of water.

I cooked the seeds in a cast iron pan on low with a hint of olive oil.  Dali my chi is in heaven. I almost forgot to mention that she loves the flesh as well.  I mix it with other veggies, rice or meat so she can get at it.  When I’m cooking I sometimes offer small pieces straight from the pan or fridge.

Tonight she got banana.  Definitely a sweet tooth.


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