1st Writing Challenge – Owning a Chihuahua

I am not a writer but like many people I have aspirations.  I’m off to sign up at the Weekly Post.  I changed my mind about writing every day – have to leave some time  for my art too.

1st story


Owning a Chihuahua

Last year we decided to get a dog, after waiting for 3 years since our cat of 18 years had passed away.  My husband had some experience with Chihuahuas and suggested this breed as an answer to my desire for a walking and working companion.  It was never my intention to own a small dog – or any dog while living in a big city.  Here I am, almost a year in, owning the most adorable Chi there is.  Dali is my constant companion, my art dog and my personal trainer.  In fact I had better get her outside soon or risk much naughtiness from my darling.  I see her out of the corner of my eye, wandering from room to room in quest of some activity.  Best we hit the park for dog stimulation and calorie burning for us both.

We are back.  It is a cool rainy October day and Chihuahuas tend to dislike this kind of weather.  My Chi also dislikes outfits.  When I got my coat and shoes out she was very excited and came over.  Seeing the sweater made her run into the kitchen with a hang-dog look.  After a bit of cajoling,  the sweater was on and off we went.  We left the park for an urban walk as the grass was too wet and cold for her liking.  The temperature wasn’t too cold so I relented and took off the coat.  In the end she was very dirty and wet.   Her feet tend to splash mud and grit up her belly and sides.  We were out for an hour but she really didn’t get much exercise.  No other dogs were out to play with.  She ran after the ball a bit but mostly she wanted to go home.  When we got home she had to have a bath.

For many years I lived in the country and over time we had a few big dogs – Border Collies, mixed breeds and a Doberman.    We even had some medium-sized dogs – Schipperkes, a Rat Terrier, and Schnauzers .  Most of these dogs had abundant freedom and were great companions when farm work or horseback riding was the activity.  Along with dogs we had many cats.  Cats are a great pet in the country and the city except where there are lots of Coyotes.   My Doberman was my last dog and the city was no place for her.  As I work in the city, I got a cat a few years later and then another.  They were great companions but were locked into the apartment and balcony experience.

I don’t want to give the impression that Dali isn’t up for lots of activity.  She loves her walks and plays many games, including her racing around the apartment like a small greyhound.  This past spring and summer was her 1st and she learned so much about her environment, people and other dogs. We visited family in the country and she reveled in the freedom, exploring and playing with her pal Adam.

Adam & Dal - Spring 2011

In the city she has pals in the park and at my art teacher job north of the city.  She travels well and is quite good about doing her business before a car trip or just afterwards.  In the car, she stays in her dog crate .  The crate is where she sleeps at night and where she will go to nap when I am working.  The crate was originally for my cats and it has been a great investment.  Dali is about 9 lbs and although lighter than the cats, when she’s snuggling in her blanket she fills the carrier nicely.

Now after her bath and a nice lunch she is pressed against my back on my chair, sleeping.    Lucky for me this old chair has a long seat.  I didn’t mention it before but as I type, my budgerigar named Bow,  is sitting on my knee preening and chirping.  The budgies are free-flighted and that means they have the free reign of the back 3 rooms, flying where they want, which includes my studio.

to be continued …


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